Having that perfect set of pearly whites is now made possible. It's now time to stop hiding and start smiling.

Sparkling White
Teeth Instantly

Fabulous Aesthetics gives your more reasons to smile again with quick and easy LED Teeth Whitening.

The latest and perhaps the most effective teeth whitening solution available today, laser teeth whitening eliminates the inconvenience and mess that comes with traditional whitening methods, giving your teeth that pristine glow quite effortlessly.

Simply sit through a brief consultation with our Smile Therapists and leave the hard work to them. All it takes is a comprehensive package of 3-4 treatment sessions to achieve optimally whitened teeth. It's that simple.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Smile and the world smiles with you. Here are a few reasons why
a brilliant smile can be delightfully life-changing.


Don't just look good, feel great too. With teeth up to 8 shades whiter than before, exude confidence and let that light shine through.


If a smile makes a good first impression, imagine what wonders a bright and dazzling one can do for you. Be prepared to attract, mesmerize and impress.


Compared to tradtional methods that rub away tooth enamel and weaken teeth and gums, LED Teeth Whitening whitens without causing damage.

Why Fabulous Aesthetics

Briskly gaining popularity among celebrities and famous athletes locally and internationally,
Fabulous Aesthetics is the go-to place for beauty connoisseurs out there.

Teeth Whitening Singapore


LED Teeth Whitening is done painlessly and seamlessly without the laborious processes and tedious waiting. Furthermore, the warm and approachable therapists at Fabulous Aesthetics will be close by your side to ensure a comfortable experience from start to finish.

Teeth Whitening Process


Fabulous Aesthetics uses top quality teeth whitening equipment imported from the United Kingdom, where the owner himself is a highly qualified dentist and also where Fabulous' senior consultants have undergone training before becoming certified therapists.

LED Teeth Whitening Treatment


LED Teeth Whitening at Fabulous Aesthetics is not only equally effective, but also only a fraction of the exorbitant prices found at other teeth whitening clinics. Quit spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on treatments that cannot guarantee results and worse still, take up much time and effort.

What Customers Say About
Fabulous Aesthetics

"The whole teeth whitening treatment took only 30 to 40 minutes. It's a pretty good treatment because after the whole process, I could see that my teeth were whiter and a shade lighter."

Schevelle Ong

"The LED teeth whitening treatment was very comfortable. There wasn't any pain, and the results were really showing between the before and after treatment."


"After the entire LED teeth whitening session, I notice that my teeth are now one shade whiter."

Victoria Chan

"Besides the good service from the staff here, I feel more confident from the results. I would strongly recommend the LED Teeth Whitening treatment at Fabulous Aesthetics."


Teeth Whitening Solutions at
Fabulous Aesthetics

Achieve that alluring Hollywood smile with a full package of 3-4 teeth whitening sessions at Fabulous Aesthetics.


Free Consultation

Visit us for a free, no-obligation consultation with our friendly smile therapists.


LED Teeth Whitening

Get whiter teeth instantly with Fabulous LED Teeth Whitening. Each session lasts only 45-60 minutes.


Home Whitening Kit

Includes a mouth tray, LED and whitening solution to last up to 12 applications.


Maintenance Kit

Keep your teeth glistening white in the comforts of your home with a choice of a whitening toothpaste, mousse or pen.

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