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Unlike others, we, at Fabulous Aesthetics, do not believe in high pressure selling tactics. If you are not completely satisfied with your results, we will pay for your next indoor tan at any other salons.

For more information about our Indoor Tanning services, please call the following number to get in touch with our consultants.

Beach Road: (+65) 6735-5335
Bugis: (+65) 6884-5455
Holland Village: (+65) 6465-8465

For over seven years, the owners and staff of Fabulous Aesthetics have worked hard to educate themselves and our clients on the latest in tanning trends and industry technology so that all of clients can feel confident of a safe enjoyable tanning experience.

Listen to what our satisfied customers have said about our indoor tanning sessions.

Bobby Tonelli of Fly Entertainment

“Excellent customer services and prices are affordable as well. It is definitely worth the price and time to go. Moreever, who doesn’t want to fell and look good from the interior and exterior side of you?” – Roy Tan

“In less than 15 minutes, I could maintain my bronzed complexion without the need to be under the sun. All thanks to Fabulous Tan!” – The Fetch Blog.

Benefits of Indoor Tanning at Fabulous Aesthetics

Did you know that people find a bronzed tanned body more physically attractive? Besides looking more attractive, indoor tanning has its health benefits too.

In a research study done by “Vanguard Dermatology”, it was revealed that volunteers rated the same people physically more attractive when their photos showed them with tanner skin as compared to photos that showed them with a fairer skin.

Say goodbye to tanned lines with indoor tanning. At Fabulous Aesthetics, you can also choose to do your indoor tanning totally naked in full privacy. This means you will have a more even looking tan to improve the appearance of your 6-pack abs and give more definition to your muscles.

The other health benefit of indoor tanning is that helps you create a base tan, considered to be nature’s sun screen against the sun’s harm rays. The more you tan, the more outer layer of your skin becomes thicker and more protective against harmful sun rays. If you are planning to take a trip or vacation to the beach, get a base tan first to protect your skin from the effects of harmful sun rays.

Why Fabulous Aesthetics?

At Fabulous Aesthetics, our trained and experience staff will customise your training session to your skin type so that you get the best and amazing base tan in the quickest time possible.

Fabulous Aesthetics uses a HI PRESSURE tanning technique to give you the healthy bronze tan you are looking for.

Indoor tanning eliminates the risk of you getting sunburn as your duration of exposure in an indoor tanning bed is controlled and the UV released from our tanning beds are certified to be around 204 times more intense than light emitted from the sun. This means you get a healthier bronze body tan in minutes, reducing the risks of prolonged exposure to harmful sun rays.

You can your road to a beautiful tanned body with the following simple steps.

Step 1: Make an appointment with our tanning experts

The first step is to call our tanning experts at our outlets for an appointment with our tanning experts. Choose the schedule that best suit yours, be it in the evening or during your lunch break.

One session last between 8-15 minutes and this allow you to use of the remainder of your tight schedule to do the things that you need to do.

Beach Road: (+65) 6735-5335
Bugis: (+65) 6884-5455
Holland Village: (+65) 6465-8465

Step 2: Professional skin evaluation to achieve your targeted bronze skin tone

When you arrive at Fabulous Aesthetics, our trained and friendly tanning consultants will sit down clearly explain the indoor tanning process with you. This will be followed by an evaluation of your skin and desired tanning preferences. Based on this discussion and evaluation process, our tanning consultants will recommend the optimal tanning experience, with the suitable tanning lotions and tanning hours.

Here are your three exclusive indoor tanning solariums for you to choose from.

Vega Lux 48

The Vega Lux 48 employs an exclusive solarium which offers the best performance, featuring acoustics and thermal comfort, and reduced tanning times. With a “tanning heart” beating in its shell, customer satisfaction is guaranteed.


The HPO provides a spacious tanning are for customers who do not like the feeling being cramped. Compared to the Vega Lux, it boosts more power with its unique high and low intensity bulbs.

The Holiday

The Holiday is your gateway to pure comfort and relaxation. Featuring high-pressure lamps for the face, you would be able to see instant results after a single session.

Indoor Tanning Trial – $18
Indoor Tanning – $56
Indoor Tanning (5) – $268
Indoor Tanning (10) -$488
Indoor Tanning (20) – $880
Indoor Tanning (30) – $1,200
Indoor Tanning (40) -$1,440
Indoor Tanning (50) – $1,600
Indoor Tanning Unlimited (1 Week) – $154
Indoor Tanning Unlimited (1 Month) – $352
Indoor Tanning Unlimited (3 Months) – $588
Indoor Tanning Unlimited (6 Months) – $942
Indoor Tanning Unlimited (12 Months) – $1,420
Indoor Tanning Unlimited (36 Months) – $2,710

Step 3: Let the tanning fun begin

Once you are in the tanning room, strip off your clothes and it is time to get the tanning lotion on! You have a choice to be completely naked or not, but tanning in your birthday suit will provide for a more even tan without those embarrassing tanned lines.

When time is up, the lights in the tanning booth will automatically switch off. As you step out of the tanning booth, be prepared to appreciate your new beautiful bronzed skin in front of the mirror.

Step 4: Maintaining that beautiful bronzed tan

Your tanning experience continues even after you step up of the solarium. Our tanning consultants will recommend tips and advice for maintaining your new bronzed look.

Still have questions about indoor tanning at Fabulous Aesthetics? Here are some of the commonly asked questions from our customers.

What is indoor tanning?

Indoor tanning is the process of tanning indoors with the use of tanning beds or tanning booths.

Why should I get a tan? Isn’t it believed that having fair skin is good too?

Most would prefer the tanned bronze look as it is a sign of health and action. A tan would definitely up your attraction factor. Not only that, it allows you to emit confidence, good health and fitness. When you are radiating beauty on the outside, people will find you more attractive.

How does tanning work?

When a person’s skin is exposed to Ultraviolet (UV) light, a pigment called melanin would be stimulated in the body. Subsequently, when melanin is triggered, it rises to the outermost layer of the skin, hence starting the tanning process. The more melanin cells in the skin determine the number of pigments that are excreted, or simply out, the extent of the tan.

Then why is it a tan disappears over time?

A tan disappears because the top layer of your skin replaces all of its cells every 28-30 days. Keeping your skin moisturized will prolong a tan while a permanent tan can be achieved by repeated exposure to UV light.

What is sunburn?

Sunburn is the result of overexposure to excessive amounts of UV light. It can range from a mild pink skin discomfort to extreme red, blister-like burns that will make you look like a freshly cooked lobster. Sunburn occurs when the UV exposure exceeds that of the body’s protective pigment and melanin.

How do tanning beds and booths work?

Tanning beds and booths are fitted with fluorescent lamps that are designed to emit UV rays somewhat similar to the sun.

Is it true that indoor tanning is dangerous?

Generally, anything in excess is never good. Overexposure to large amounts of UV light is always dangerous, whether you are tanning indoors or outdoors. However, indoor tanning is safer as the equipment is designed to give you the optimal amount of UV light needed. The risk of getting skin cancer or premature skin is thus lowered considerably. Also, with professional guidance and scheduling, indoor tanning would provide you with the ideal amount of tanning.

How often should I tan?

It is recommended that a person waits 24-48 hours in between tanning sessions. Two tanning sessions within 24-hours is considered dangerous and may result in a burn.

How long is a single indoor-tanning session?

Depending on your skin type, your first session can last between five to fifteen minutes. Many studios have different equipment and lamps, therefore you should follow the specific recommended exposure time and schedule recommended by the consultant.

How long does it take to get a tan?

This entirely depends on the individual as different people have different skin types. Some people may notice results in a few sessions while others may take longer to actually get a “base tan”.

What is a base tan?

A base tan is the tan your body permanently has over a long period of time.

Why is a base tan important?

Moderate exposure to UVB rays help develop a natural barrier in the skin to protect the body from excessive UV light. UVB rays stimulate the production of melanin, which absorbs and scatters radiation to thicken the epidermis (the top skin layer). If this photo-protection (base tan) is not developed or a sunscreen is not used, sunburn can occur and the DNA of the skin cells may become damaged. Please note that although your skin has developed some natural protection, sunscreens should still be used.

Is there anything I need to have during indoor tanning?

Yes. You need goggles, lotion and your body.

Are the goggles necessary during indoor tanning?

Yes! The goggles offer protection to your eyes. Your skin can be tanned, but your eyes should be protected from the UV light. Your eyelids alone offer almost no protection against UV light, which can damage the cornea and retina and lead to cataracts. If you do use proper eye protection, it may result in short term effects such as tired, itchy eyes, headaches and loss of night vision. No one should ever be in a tanning bed without eye protection.

What is the lotion for?

Many people use indoor tanning products to maximize their tanning experience. Tanning lotions provide the following benefits:

  • They supply the skin with essential nutrients necessary for a tan and help moisturize the skin to keep it looking young and healthy.
  • Moist skin tans more quickly and efficiently than dry skin, resulting in a better tan in fewer visits.
  • Indoor tanning products help counteract the drying effects of heat and light associated with tanning (moisturized skin is healthier).
  • Active ingredients supplement the skin’s cells with the same proteins that enhance the tanning process naturally.
  • Specially formulated indoor tanning lotions help your tan last by retaining ultraviolet induced melanin longer.
  • The latest lotion technology includes antioxidants that help prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

All of that sounds good, but is the lotion bad for my skin? What if I have sensitive skin?

The main active ingredient in tanning lotions is Tyrosine. Tyrosine is essentially amino acids from proteins that are converted through several metabolic steps to produce melanin. Melanin is the pigment responsible for causing your skin to darken and provides a natural SPF factor of up to 10.

Tyrosine is added to tanning accelerator products to supplement the body’s normal level of tyrosine at the skins cell level thereby speeding the tanning process. Indoor tanning lotions also help counter the drying effects of tanning, prepare the skin to tan more efficiently, and make a tan last longer.

If you have sensitive skin, there are lotions which are designed for sensitive skin and they are fragrance-free.

I heard that some people itch after tanning, why is that so?

Itching and/or rashes may be linked to several unrelated causes. Some people are naturally photosensitive to UV exposure while others are susceptible to heat rashes, a cause totally unrelated to UV light. Certain chemicals or ingredients found in cosmetics, lotions, shampoos, and even the acrylic cleaner might cause itching. You should tan with the skin as clean as possible. If discontinued use of a suspected product does not inhibit the rash, discontinue any exposure to UV light and consult your physician. Heat rash, or tanner’s itch, may also indicate that the light and heat generated by tanning bulbs or the sun has dried your skin, especially in previously unexposed areas. If such is the case, stop tanning for a few days, then slowly build your time allowing melanin production to increase. For temporary relief try an unscented emollient cream. If symptoms persist, discontinue tanning and consult your doctor.

Why do people get white spots even when they go for tanning?

There are several reasons why white spots become noticeable on the body once the tanning process begins:

• Patches of skin which do not tan could be the result of genetic determination.

• White spots could also appear due to the presence of a fungus, which lives on the skin’s surface. While the fungus is harmless, it does absorb UV light, which would normally penetrate the skin. This fungus does not appear as a result of tanning, it merely becomes noticeable once tanning occurs. It can be remedied though the use of prescription drugs or some other topical lotions.

• White patches of skin, which are often prominent on the shoulder blades and just above the buttocks, can be caused by the pressure from the body as it reclines on a hard tanning bed surface. This pressure inhibits the flow of blood through that area of skin. Since blood carries oxygen, which is essential to the tanning process, this area does not tan. Periodic body shifting during tanning will make these patches disappear.

• Certain medications can react unfavorably with exposure to UV light. For example, birth control pills can cause blotches and uneven pigmentation of the skin.

Can indoor tanning cause cancer?

In general, only excessive or overexposure to any UV light source can lead to skin damage, which can cause skin cancer. At Fabulous Aesthetics, our tanning consultants will advise you on the number of hours to achieve your desired skin tone. With proper guidance, it is unlikely that you will be overexposed to UV light.

If a person cannot tan in the sun, will they be able to tan indoors?

Normally, a person tans indoors only as well as they are able to tan outdoors. However, fair-skinned people who generally cannot tolerate the uncontrolled rays of the sun often achieve some colour when tanning indoors. This can be attributed to a different spectral output as well as carefully timed tanning sessions in a controlled tanning environment.

Is it harmful to wear contact lenses when tanning indoors?

When the eyes are kept closed or proper protective eyewear worn, UV light is blocked from penetrating the eye or lens. However, the heat generated by indoor tanning equipment could cause the eye to dry a bit, thereby making the lens uncomfortable. Just as one should moisturize the skin after tanning, you may also use eye drops recommended by your optometrist to remedy dryness.

Why do some dermatologists warn people against sun exposure?

While some dermatologists may advocate total avoidance of all sun exposure, the media seems to quote only those who do. Many dermatologists and others from the medical community have acknowledged the need for moderate sun exposure, while advocating the use of sunscreens during tanning.

Can I tan all year long without harming my skin?

Moderation is key. You may tan throughout the year if you are taking care not to overexpose your skin. You should always be aware of the dangers of overexposure as it may lead to chronic skin damage. Take precautions not to indoor and outdoor tan on the same day, wear sunscreen outside and always allow a 24-hour time period to lapse between tanning sessions.

For more information about our indoor tanning services, please call the following numbers for a no obligation trial.

Beach Road: (+65) 6735-5335
(+65) 6884-5455
Holland Village: (+65) 6465-8465

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