Imagine strutting down the streets and flaunting that peachy sun-kissed tan or golden-bronze finish. Be a stunner in the crowd instantly with this little secret - and here it is, revealed.

Quick and Easy Indoor Tanning

With tanning now made so conveniently quick and easy, what's really stopping you?

Forget days, forget long hours - it's now just a matter of minutes. Yes, that's right, a fresh, glowing tan in just minutes. If you've got 8 to 10 minutes to spare, you're already one step closer to that desirable and oh-so-irresistable tan.

Fabulous Aesthetics makes it even easier for you. Simply book an appointment with us, let our friendly consultants evaluate your skin and recommend the best possible treatment for you, and the rest is history. It's time you quit envying and be the source of envy instead.

Benefits of Indoor Tanning

Natural isn't always good. Here's why tanning indoors can
actually be better for you.


While tanning on the beach can be so much fun,
indoor tanning saves you the time and hassle,
and best of all, no sun needed!


The advanced and sophisticated tanning equipment
helps ensure even tanning, giving you the assurance
of minimal tan lines and preventing overdone tans.


Indoor tanning helps create a base tan that is
considered to be nature's sunscreen against
the sun's harmful rays.

Why Fabulous Aesthetics

Gaining increasing popularity for indoor tanning over nearly a decade,
Fabulous Aesthetics offers arguably the best tanning in town.

Safe Indoor Tanning Environment


Fabulous Aesthetics provides a safer, controlled environment, with equipment that can be managed to emit the right amount of UV light, thereby reducing the risk of skin cancer and premature aging.

Advanced Indoor Tanning Technology


Fabulous Aesthetics is the only tanning salon in Singapore that uses full high-pressure tanning machines that produce high UVA percentage to deepen tans while ensuring minimal side effects.

Professional Indoor Tanning Staff


The Fabulous Aesthetics team is highly acquainted with the nuts and bolts of indoor tanning and kept abreast of the latest in tanning trends and technology. Rest assured, you will be in good hands.

What Customers Say About
Fabulous Aesthetics

"My experience at Fabulous has been great since my first day here. Everyone knows me by name, what I like and what I don't like - always very attentive, making sure everyone is taken care of. Great experience overall. I'll be coming back for a long time."

Bobby Tonelli

"I'm actually a very outdoor and active person, so I really love to have a nice tan, but the problem with tanning outside is that it takes very long and it gets really hot. My experience with indoor tanning, however, is a very quick one and takes only eight minutes."


"We have to get tanned in a short period of time, so we would usually get it done at Fabulous. Unlike sun tanning, Indoor Tanning at Fabulous doesn't give you tan lines, uneven tanning and sunburns that require recovery time. Our advice to those who want to join pageants or to just look good: come to Fabulous."

Jason and Raymond, Pageant Contestants

Indoor Tanning Solutions

Our state-of-the-art tanning solariums are guaranteed to give you
superb results for the perfect tan.


A one-of-a-kind tanning solarium that offers a unique tanning experience

  • Gives you a beautiful tan in a matter of minutes
  • Features added accoustic and thermal comfort
  • An open design for better ventilation and breathing comfort
  • Boasts outstanding performance and results for quicker, better tanning

A vertical, exotic-looking solarium for an unforgettable tanning experience

  • Features 360-degree tanning for more even coverage
  • Includes a unique CD/MP3/USB stereo system
  • Favoured for its spacious, comfortable and well-ventilated interior
  • Superior power capabilities with its High Pressure Tanning bulbs
  • Produces large amounts of UVA and filters out UVB, hence reducing the chances of sunburns.
  • The only High Pressure Only Indoor Tanning machine in Singapore.

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