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Welcome to The Beauty Insider! We are the editorial team behind Fabulous Aesthetics who are obsessed with quality skin care, latest beauty technology, treatments and makeup trends, the perfect silhouette, fashion…in short, we are the advocates to all things fabulous! The Beauty Insider features expert beauty tips and tricks, skin care advices, reviews and news– kinda like an interactive version of a print magazine, except with occasional pictures of our fabulousity stints. ;) On top of everything else, you’ll find a vibrant community here and some of the nicest people online. Your comments are not only welcomed, they are adored!

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The Fabulous Team

Disclaimer: Beauty Insider takes no credit for all articles written unless specified.


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Have a beauty enquiry, need beauty expert’s advice, or simply wish to get in touch with us? Drop us an email at enquiry@fabulousgroup.com.sg, and we endeavor to get back to you as soon as possible. :)

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