Facial Exercise and Way to Carry a Young Look


Exercise is an important aspect of life. It is known that exercise benefits us in many ways. Prior to our modern conveniences, peoples’ lives consisted of many labourous activities such as manual household chores and farming for sustenance. These activities, although physically taxing, kept people active and fit.

In today’s world, modern conveniences have changed the way we perform tasks. Gone are the days of fulfilling menial, physical tasks. People are now stationary and desk bound. We mostly rely on the conveniences of technology to help us fulfil tasks throughout the day. While we have many modern conveniences, these drastically reduce the duration of time where we’re active.

This can be countered through going to the gym to exercise or through making a conscious effort during the day to remain continuously active, such as through doing some household chores. However, an area of our body, which we fail to remember to exercise, is our face. Our face also needs to be taken care off. Modern day lifestyles, pollutants and diets do affect the skin on our face.

Many people are concerned about aging. However, not many people know that one of the first areas where signs of aging appear is the face. As time flies, the process of aging starts to be reflected on your face through wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin and many other conditions.

One way to delay the onset of physical aging is to do facial exercises regularly. These will help delay the appearance of wrinkles by keeping the skin firm and taut as long as possible. It will also help put the glow, a sign of hydrated, moist and supple skin, back into your skin. The skin’s ability to retain moisture gradually reduces as we get older, collagen production also slows down, which is why dry, dull, sagging and wrinkled skin is always associated with aging.

There are face-lifting tools in the market specifically designed for facial exercises, and there are also facial exercises you can do at home at your own free will.

Facial exercises for you

V-Shaped Face

If you want to sharpen your jaw line you can slap your chin with the back of your hand quickly and very lightly for at least 30 times.

Stroking your face with upward movement can also relax your mind and body.

Reducing fine lines

To reduce the small lines around your mouth you can curl your lips into your mouth and then try to bowl air through your mouth without opening your mouth. This would help to stretch your muscles around the mouth. While doing this, count till 5, and then relax, repeat this at least 10 times for better results.

However, there has been a long running debate about facial exercises, whether they are really beneficial, or whether they just make things worse. This can be found only when you talk to other people or consult your doctor about this matter.

However, with the improvement in technology, many places provide various anti-aging treatments.

At Fabulous Aesthetics, anti-aging treatments are not solely limited to facial application. You too can also have these treatments performed on your body. These treatments are INDIBA, Genesis, Matrix, AWT, Cryo RF, and Freezesculpt, and they can provide great body shape result (through tightening the skin) as well as younger looking skin. It is best to go down to the salon for a personal consultation if you are considering any of these treatments. This is because skin conditions are very subjective, and it is the best to get your trusted therapist to properly assess your condition before going forward with any of these treatments.

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