Redefining Your Smile


Redefining Your Smile

Most people would agree that along with the eyes, your smile is the first thing people notice about you. It is how you express yourself and connect with others. When your smile is a true reflection of how you feel inside, your best self will shine through. Research has shown that a genuine smile can only be brought on by genuine positive emotions. According to research done by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, a new smile can make you look more intelligent, interesting, and successful to others.

Your Smile is One of Your Biggest Assets
Investing in a beautiful smile is not simply an indulgence of vanity. Unlike a diet or makeover that can be temporary, a smile makeover is a long lasting investment. In fact, creating a smile you feel confident about can benefit almost every aspect of your life. Your smile is one of your biggest assets when it comes to social and career opportunities because it helps you express your personality and give a good first impression.

If you are among the many people who limit your expressions of happiness because you worry about a less-than-perfect smile, you will be interested in learning more about teeth whitening. Breakthroughs in technology have made a beautiful smile more affordable and attainable than ever before. Stars in Hollywood have long known that improving your smile can dramatically change your appearance, but today the benefits of teeth whitening are being discovered by more and more people across the nations. In addition to beautifying your smile, there are teeth whitening procedures for the alignment and function of your teeth.

Teeth whitening can brighten dull teeth, whiten stained teeth, and give you the flawless smile you were meant to have. It opens doors and removes obstacles to professional and social success.

Stained or dull teeth can be dramatically improved by in-office whitening, laser whitening, home whitening, veneers or bonding. The reason why many people choose in-office teeth whitening treatment instead of over-the-counter products such as whitening toothpaste and bleaching kits is that in-office teeth whitening treatment offers much better, longer-lasting results.

Misshapen, chipped, or worn teeth can be improved by veneers, bonding, or cosmetic contouring.

Gaps between teeth can be closed up with veneers, bonding, or orthodontics.

Old/unsightly fillings can be replaced with tooth-colored fillings (resins and porcelain) for a natural appearance.

Crooked or crowded teeth are improved with veneers, bonding, or orthodontics.

Missing tooth or teeth can be remedied with a fixed bridge or dental implant(s).

Excessive/uneven gums are often helped with gum grafts.

Combined Techniques are frequently used in smile design to create an ideal natural-looking smile. For example, bleaching may be followed with minor orthodontics and completed with porcelain veneers.

The first step to improving your smile is a visit to any dentist or beauty salon that provides the Teeth Whitening service. The initial consultation is often free and gives you an opportunity to discuss all your options and to look at before and after photographs of people who have undergone similar treatment.

Teeth whitening procedures are mostly elective, and therefore not usually covered by insurers. However, the new technologies in this field have made it much more affordable today. When you make an appointment with any beauty salon, they will inform you about the cost of your treatment option(s) and the payment methods available to you. A good financing program can also help you by spreading out the cost into low monthly payments.

Getting the smile of your dreams is easier than you think with Teeth Whitening Treatment!