Are You Ready for the Bared-Faced Revolution?


Some of the most influential figures in fashion are now forgoing make-up altogether. What does this bold step mean for the rest of us mere mortals who have been hiding behind a mask of cosmetics?

Flipping through the latest fashion magazines, you’d never know a beauty revolution is steadily underway, but behind the scenes women in the fashion industry are increasingly forgoing make-up and going (gasp) au naturel.

LOP_ART_247_LeftFrom the likes of Franca ‘fresh-faced’ Sozzani, the editor of Italian Vogue, to the unglossed pout of the fashion icon Anna Dello Russo and the clean, razor-sharp cheekbones of the designer Phoebe Philo, bare-faced beauty is definitely in. And so to cohort with the truly chic it seems you need to grab yourself a good makeup remover and let your bare skin shine through.

Some may call it hypocritical but it does sound ironical that women who make their money from the advertising revenue of cosmetics companies should themselves opt for low-maintenance beauty regimes. But while you are scoffing at them from beneath your canopy of fake lashes, you’ve got to admit that it’s also rather nonchalantly chic. The British actress Tilda Swinton, who always appears on the red carpet with an entirely bare face, is an act of admirable self-confidence most of us can only dream about.

Across the continent, in America the trend has become political, with the Makeup-Free Mondays movement gaining momentum. Started in New York by Alexis Wolfer, the editor-in-chief of the Beauty Bean website, it has attracted the attention of both CNN and Oprah Winfrey’s show, and hordes of other female bare-faced followers.

Like those who claim to be effortlessly thin, the ‘naturally beautiful’ can elicit a certain reaction from other women, mainly gagging and eye-rolling. But a small group of women with firm convictions steadfastly believe that it is certainly possible to be both— that is natural and beautiful at the same time.

When we asked our male counter-parts for their views, we were surprised with their answers. “I’m not at all against make-up completely, I think that some makeup can definitely enhance a face” said one. Another added “I’m not sure I like the idea of a new make-up-free brigade. It may be quite scary to see your boss in such a harsh light”.

RiseAndShine with Cara DelevingneYet there’s no doubt that change is afoot. Thanks perhaps to the predominance of those empowering beauty adverts that tell us to “be ourselves” and “because we’re worth it”. One thing’s for sure, if and when the time comes for us to strip off our makeup, we need to be prepared. And from the looks of things to come, the call to “au naturel” beauty may not be far away.

We speak to Ms Eileen Seah, beauty expert and General Manager of Fabulous Aesthetics for some suggestions on how we can prep our skin sufficiently to withstand the intense scrutiny of this ‘day of reckoning’.

“High maintenance has a really bad reputation now,” explains Ms Seah “Most of our clients want to be able to have better complexions and to use less makeup. It’s all about the no-trace face. But what you need to know is that less makeup means better complexions to start off, which in turns mean more investment into your skincare regime to rejuvenate it from within.”

Here are her beauty tips:

Epidermal Growth Factor   If you have been spending your life covering acne scars, pitted marks and blemishes with generous helpings of the thickest concealer, then Epidermal Growth Factor could be the solution you’ve been waiting for. This Nobel-prized discovery by an American Biochemist, helps to enhance synthesizing of DNA, RNA and functional proteins to nourish and improve the hydration and elasticity of the skin. These growth factor are capable of stimulating powerful tissue-regeneration that helps damaged or aged cells to transform back into active, youthful skin cells.

Cryo RF Face Lift   As we age, our skin problems seem to go up exponentially. This is where Cryo RF comes in with deep frequency penetration into the skin to encourage fibroblast migration without hurting the epidermis layer, thanks to the cooling benefits of Cryo technology. This treatment has no downtime and is favoured by many celebs looking to up their radiance quotient.

VITALITE Eye Lift It’s time to toss that undereye concealer into the trash, and with this latest Vitalite Eye Lift therapy, you may just be able to do that. VITALIFT uses special hyaluronic acid to brighten complexions. It can be done on the entire face or specifically on the undereye and décolleté area to lighten dark eye circles and give your peepers a “refreshing change” of perspective.

So we get it. Like the old adage “the best cosmetic is flawless skin”, this is the direction where the modern women are headed. More investment to get the skin they desire rather than more cosmetics to conceal the blemishes they hate.

In a climate where the cosmetics industry loves to promote inauthenticity – the ‘false lash’ effect mascara, ‘air brush’ foundation, – the women who go make-up free are bucking the trend. These are fashion leaders, so be warned: where they go, we all eventually follow.


The Fabulous Team