The Secrets of Perfect Summer Skin


Oh, Aug: When everything you put on your face just slips right off. We got beauty guru, Eileen Seah, beauty expert from Fabulous Aesthetics to spill on how to look sweat-free throughout the day.

1. Get perfect skin (or as close as you can to it.)

“The first step is to get your skin into excellent condition so you don’t even have to think about wearing foundation,” says Eileen. An at-home mini peel, like DermaRich Purifying Mask deep cleanses, reduces the appearance of pores and gives you an all over glow.


2. Slough off dead skin.

 “You’ve got to exfoliate before applying makeup,” says Eileen. “Dry, dead surface skin grabs foundation so you end up layering, whereas smooth-textured skin needs much less.” Disclaimer: exfoliating your skin makes it extra vulnerable to the sun, so be sure to load up on a lightweight sunscreen.

3. Chill out—your products.

You know when you step out of a hot shower and your face is sweating too much to put your makeup on? Refrigerate everything from your eye cream to a facial mist to a damp washcloth, and you’ll instantly cool down. “Summer heat makes you puffy,” says Eileen, “so I chill under-eye patches while I shower, then apply them for 10 minutes while I dry my hair or pluck my eyebrows. If you still feel like you’re sweating, place a cold, damp washcloth on the back of your neck.”


4. Fight the shine.

Anything with the word “mattifying” is your friend. Eileen uses a mattifying gel “to knock shine on male models’ skin on set instead of powdering all day,” she says. “And it doesn’t feel dry like a primer.” She recommends doing mattifier solo: “If your skin is in good condition and you want to keep it bare, DermaRich Matifying Refinerwill keep shine away for the no-makeup-look.”

Wishing you’ll attain that perfect summer skin.


The Fabulous Team