What Men & Women Think the “Perfect Body” Is


Psst…Girlfriend! You can stop sweating buckets over your childbearing hips: The perfect female to men, according to a new survey by Bluebella, is a voluptuous bombshell composite of Kim Kardashian’s ample bosom, Kelly Brooke’s bodacious bottom and Megan Fix’s sexy pout and soft cheeks.

This is in stark contrast to the ultra-skinny, chiseled model ideal ladies had in mind, although enviably toned abs and stems appear to be must-haves for both sexes (and the focus for our Pilates classes from now).


Unsurprisingly, there was similar discordance between what women and men thought were the perfect male anatomical specimen.

ideal-man-bluebellaWhile both Mars and Venus agreed on a ripped body, men opted for a bulkier body-builder physique and ladies appear to lust after the leaner boy-next-door version with Harry Styles’s lush hair and David Beckham’s legs. So boys – as you work on your iron at gym, don’t forget to pump up your follicular volume too.


The Fabulous Team