Did you know? To prevent sagging skin, it starts with the muscles!

88969614Youth. We love it, embrace it, and try to hold on to it as long as is possible. And, when we feel it fleeing, we spend a lot of time chasing remedies to recapture the look and feeling. No where is this more evident than the time, energy and money spent on products to keep our faces from registering our age. While many opt for quick solution by doing surgery, the results can sometimes be extreme, making you look like someone different.

Now, there is a solution on the horizon and it seems so simple and basic, that it may simply have been overlooked.

“You need to tone not only the skin, but the muscles too – to combat sagging…”

478260135How often do you hear about exercise? Its benefits are well known, well documented, and at this point highly refined. No one questions the importance of making exercise a part of your daily health program. Jogging, walking, special classes at the gym, practicing yoga, pilates and engaging in the use of countless pieces of specially designed machinery to tone and shape every part of our body is commonplace. Every part of our body EXCEPT the face. To exercise the facial muscles on a deep level is a new concept, but one that has great merit, and now is proven to work. Here’s why….

“The anti-aging debate revolves around a number of established factors. Aging causes a decrease in the number of neurotransmitters that govern muscle tension. As muscle tension declines, the skin becomes loose and sags. To complete the beauty regimen, you need to tone not only the skin but the muscles too – to add volume, combat sagging, and deliver a natural facelift from the inside out.” said Ms. Mio Santo, Managing Director of MT Cosmetics.

Our facial muscles are subject to deterioration and sagging just as our body muscles are – and they must be exercised and toned in the same fashion. Actually, they need even more attention. These 21 muscles under our facial skin are delicate and small, and unlike our body muscles which are attached to bones, these mimetic muscles are attached to skin and give us the ability to have facial expression.

Try out these face life exercise to prevent those muscle tensions from declining further:


Begin by puckering mouth, like you are going to whistle. Continue by forcing your mouth forward with eyes shut. Hold position for 20 seconds. Then open eyes and mouth as wide as possible, like you are shouting and are 469770215surprised, for 20 seconds. Repeat whole exercise for 2 minutes.


Look up at the ceiling, take your tongue and press it up on the front roof of your mouth. Hold for about 15 seconds and release. Repeat exercise for 2 minutes.
3: THE GULPS161146089

Begin by placing one hand on the base of the neck, stretched across the collar bone. Hold hand down and extend the neck by letting the chin lead while stretching jaw towards upwards. Instead of swallowing, reach bottom lip towards the ceiling like a gulping fish. Make 10 “gulps”.



Start by shutting eyes firmly while placing thumbs at the outer corners of the eyes. Gently pull the skin towards your temples. Pause and repeat exercise for 2 minutes.

This time, open up the eyes and look up for one counts, and down for another counts as far as they eyes can got without moving the head. Do the same to the left and right. At the end, stare ahead.

Have Fun!


The Fabulous Team

Now, a new technology has emerged that is so EXCITING and so EFFICIENT, it will completely REVOLUTIONIZE the future of face and body care.

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