10 Things to Expect from Plastic Surgery – be sure to know what you are in for

108357917Women across the world are familiar with plastic surgery. Whether they have personally attained face or body augmentation, or simply know someone who has had such surgery, the idea of being able to actually change our physical appearance is a common reality now. However, if you are planning to go for plastic surgery such as a facelift or body lift, you need to remember that this is a medical procedure with serious risk. Do not let the dream of eternal youth mislead you into thinking that getting a facelift is as simple as walking into a beauty parlour for a facial. While you will be able to restore a certain amount of your youthful look and your youthful energy by means of plastic surgery, it is not magic. You will need to be well informed as to make the right choices before you get the surgeon to set back the clock.

# 1 Long recovery time56294219

For every facelift or body lift, you will need to wear a compression garment for a number of days and you will have bruising and swelling, even if you ice the area. You will probably need a minimum of one week off work, and swelling and bruising may last for three or more weeks. Depending on the procedure and your own healing capacity, you may not be able to resume activities such as running for up to six weeks.

# 2 There are no guarantees with a facelift or body lift

No facelift or body lift will make you look like you did when you were 25 years old. Sagging skin is only a part of the aging process. You may still have crow’s feet, marionette lines, the corners of your mouth may still droop, and a facelift 200275402-001cannot do anything about the hollowness in the cheek and temple area that often accompanies aging. Your doctor should give you a very good idea of what can and cannot be accomplished by the various procedures, and may offer suggestions for other concerns, such as using fillers and botox in addition to the surgery.

While you will not need to stay overnight, you will find that the results will be seen only much later since the initial swelling will take a few months to subside. Also, there are no guarantees that a facelift will work since there can be problems such as numbness, infection and scarring at times.

# 3 Results are not permanent

Even the most “permanent” procedures to reduce the signs of aging will ultimately lose. The body is subject to constant changes over time. Sometimes small shift occur, like an implant that moves. Other times, the benefits of a procedure wear away, like collagen injections. Try not to expect more than is reasonable.

# 4 Exact matching is impossible84830203

Particularly in cases of asymmetry or imbalance between similar body parts, like both side of the breast, cheeks, jawline, eyes or ears. Surgeons will do their best to have the parts be as similar as possible, but exact matches cannot be assured.

# 5 Complications

It is important to find a good surgeon that will perform the surgeries safely to avoid complications. Hematoma is one complication, which occurs when blood collects under the skin, looking at first like a huge black and blue mark.

Nerve injuries are rare but they can occur in the forehead or cheek, making the face flaccid and without expression on one side. The patient can vomit and risk congesting the lungs, or fluctuating blood pressure can result in sustained bleeding.

An important plastic surgery precaution is to guard against depression after surgery which happens to many people. This is partly because of the long-term after-effects of the anesthetics and painkillers they take.

# 6 Precautions and precautions to take after surgery

  • Completely avoid the sun as the Ultra-violet rays can cause serious damage to the treated area. The results are worse on those who have stiches after the surgery.
  • Sleep with elevated head using pillow to reduce bulge.
  • Be cautious when working with your hair as the skin within the hairline tends to be tender and prone to tear during recovery.
  • Avoid taking alcoholic beverages for some time after the surgery.
  • Diet – consume semi-solid-to-liquid foods.

Before you take a brave step to plastic surgery, you’d better know what you are in for. Good luck!


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