4 Most Effective Fat Eliminating Solutions

180749732In our last article on “Inch Loss Is Not the Same as Weight Loss”, you have learnt that losing fat (not weight) should be your ultimate goal to achieving a slimmer and trimmer body – permanently. Before you decide to act on any fat eliminating solution(s), read on to understand the 4 favourite alternatives, how they work and their amazing results.


1)    Fat Freezing

What is it?

Fat-freezing is a non-invasive procedure to selectively and reliably reduce stubborn fats in problem areas using a technique known as Cryolipolysis.

How does it work?150653402

Cryolipolysis works by “freezing” the fat cells of the targeted area that you intend to have the fat removed (at the same time, nerves and other body tissues and cells are kept intact) with a applicator for 1 to 2 hours. Research by Dr. Dieter Manstein & Dr. R. Rox Anderson of Massachusetts General Hospital (Harvard) has shown that fat cells are more susceptible to cold than other tissues. When subjected to précised controlled low temperatures, for an extended period of time, apoptosis (controlled cell death) of the fat cells will result. This means that the fat cells which have been deliberately damaged will prompt the body to react naturally and dispose of these damaged fat cells through the body’s lymphatic system.

What is it suitable for: Targeted spot reduction including: Waist, Lower abdomen, Upper Abdomen,  Inner Thighs, Outer Thighs, Hips, Bra Line, Mid-back, Arms

The results: Up to 25% of the unwanted fat can be permanently removed in a single treatment. Visible results can be seen after three weeks, and more significant results may be shown in between 3 to 6 months. This is the period of time the body needs to naturally eliminate the fat. If a second treatment is needed on the same spot, it can be done after 2 months later. Results achieved are considered to be long-lasting.

2)    Lipo laser

 What is it?

Laser liposuction is a non-invasive liposculpture technique used for removing pesky pockets 157647688of fats such as the love handles, saddlebags, double chin and those at the back of the thighs. It effectively trims down areas that are unresponsive to weight loss gimmicks and does It with less side-effects than traditional liposuction.

How does it work?

The concept is quite simple, utilising laser lipo machines that have been used for over a decade by physiotherapists on spot injuries and to assist the body to heal itself. So the technology is thoroughly tested and is safe with no negative side-effects.

Lipo laser procedure is designed to reduce levels of unwanted fats without surgery. The laser penetrates through the skin into the 3rd layer (known as Hypodermis) and distorts the cellular membranes, followed by the Glycerol, water and free fatty acids that emerge from the cells. The fat cells reduce in size and the lymphatic system then removes the fatty liquids through the venous system.

The procedure has been dubbed as ‘lunchtime treatment’ as it is usually performed on an outpatient setting under local and/or tumescent anesthesia, depending on the volume of fat that needs to be removed. Laser liposuction was originally introduced in 2007 with SmartLipo. Over the next couple of years it has been joined by other players such as SlimLipo, CoolLipo, LipoTherme and ProLipo Plus, just to name a few.

What is it suitable for? Facial cheeks, double chins, and any parts of the body including stomach, hips, buttocks, arms, upper and lower back, outer thighs, baby bulge, above the knee areas and ankles.

The results: One treatment takes about 425 calories out of your fat cells

3)    Radio Frequency

What is it?

Radio Frequency (RF) is a form of electromagnetic energy that is used to heat skin and promote tissue tightening.

How does it work?

The heat wave penetrates the fatty layer to help melt fats and tighten the sagging skin through the stimulation of collagen formation. The process likewise facilitates the drainage of lysed fats through the lymphatics.


What is it suitable for? RF treatments can be used to treat excess pockets of fats on the stomach, hips and thighs, reduce cellulite and tighten saggy skin caused by saddened or gradual weight loss/gain.

The results: Besides the intensively lifting result, some RF treatment comes with a cold treatment which helps to enhance the overall RF therapy using deeper and stronger frequency penetration without hurting the epidermis layers.

4)    Acoustic Wave157616101

What is it?

Acoustic Wave Therapy is a non-invasive treatment designed for cellulite. It uses mechanical vibrations to affect the subcutaneous fat layer and connective tissue in the problem areas of the body, whilst enhancing muscle and connective tissue tightening. This procedure was originally used to treat pain associated with poor circulation and stiff joints.

How does it work?

Acoustic Wave Therapy is a fairly quick and painless procedure, with no recovery time necessary. Acoustic waves are generated in an acoustic head and transferred to the affected areas of the body. The cell membranes become temporarily permeable and the formation of fat-splitting enzymes is activated. The result: the metabolism activities in the subcutaneous fatty tissues are increased, and the breakdown of fat molecules is accelerated. In addition, the skin gains a smooth appearance, because the collagen-forming fibroblasts and fat protrusions in the lower dermis are set vibrating and are dislodged from the upper layers of skin.

What is it suitable for?  All cellulite areas including the arms, abdomen hips and thighs. Equally effective on scars tissues and stretch marks as it stimulates elasticity, whilst minimizing uneven skin appearance.

The results: Physicians administering these treatments noticed that many of their patients showed a significant improvement in cellulite as well. Further study in Switzerland showed that during this vibrating treatment, connective tissue was stretched, blood flow was increased and collagen production was stimulated. The end result was visibly smoother skin with improved elasticity, texture and firmness.

Found the solution you need? Happy fat eliminating!


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