8 Tell-tale Signs that You Are Aging


“Tonight we are young. So let’s set the world on fire. We can burn brighter, than the sun. Now I know that I’m not…” Even American band, FUN knows that we cannot turn back the clock of youth. Let’s face it: You’re not getting any younger. And try as we might to turn back youth with lotions, potions and plastic surgery, there are a few signs of aging that are dead giveaways. They can even pop up as early as your 20s. “Some people just age faster than others,” explains Dr. Z. Paul Lorenc, a plastic surgeon in Manhattan. And facelifts aren’t necessarily the solution for these eight age giveaways; sometimes more innovative remedies are needed…

108311347Whilst you can blame it on heredity, environment, stress, or even poor diet and health, aging happens to us all. There are a few things you can practice to halt and reverse the aging process, says Dr. Douglas M. Monasebian, a plastic surgeon with Park Avenue Plastic Surgery in New York City. “This includes a healthy lifestyle, no smoking and limited sun exposure.” But if, as with so many people, the damage is already there, it’s possible to fix the eight signs of aging below. That’ll keep ‘em guessing for a few more years. :)


1. Aging starts as early as 20s

In our mid to late 20s skin starts to lose its ability to retain water. By the mid to late 20s, dry lines can start to appear. However, they are quite easy to treat by selecting and178545763 regularly using an effective moisturizer. According to skin experts, starting from the mid to late 20s there is 1/4 less oxygen in our blood and that is why less vital oxygen gets transported to the skin cells. Skin can start to lose its energy, healthy color and glow.

Remember, to prevent premature aging you need to use UV protection every day. Studies show that 80% of skin’s aging happens due to UV damage. The right anti-aging skin care can help you to avoid this damage.

2. What’s your real body ageWhat's your real body age

You know how many years ago you were born, but do you know your body’s age? According to health experts, we have two ages – a birth age and a biological age that is affected by how we treat our bodies. So what’s your body age? To find out, longevity researcher, David Niven Miller devised this quiz. Click here to find out.

Do you know the body ages of any celebrities? Don’t be surprise to find out!

Madonna              : Real AGE: 48                                    Body AGE: 35

Britney                 : Real AGE: 25                                    Body AGE: 30

Amy Winehouse  : Real AGE: 23                                    Body AGE: 31


3. Veiny, Spotted Hands

What causes it: According to Monasebian, as we age, skin loses collagen and elastin fiber, making it less elastic. Hence, your hands suddenly look scrawny. Also, you may see changes on the surface of the skin (such as brown “age spots”) due to sun exposure. After all, how often do you remember to apply sunscreen to the tops of your hands? Heredity also influences your likelihood of getting liver spots.

4. Eye Bags

What causes them: Fat and fluid settles into the under-eye area. There are a number of reasons why bags appear, including genetics, fluid retention and allergies. Bags tend to look more pronounced when we get older because the skin under the eyes gets thinner and loses elasticity.

5. Frown lines around the mouth / mouth wrinkles

Frown lines are common around the eyes, but they can also appear around the mouth. What causes them: Again, a lack of elasticity in the skin is to blame. This area of the face has a much shallower layer of subcutaneous tissue, and it is one of the first places that wrinkles will appear. Frequent sun exposure is another culprit as with constant pursing of lips which causes frown lines to stay long after we stop frowning.  

6. “Turkey” Neck

What causes it: That “wattle” comes from weak or loose neck muscles. You may also notice “bands” ringing your neck.  

7. Varicose Veins

What causes them: The word “varicose” literally means “twisted” in Latin. These bulging, blue, enlarged veins can pop up anywhere, but most often occur on the legs and feet. That’s because standing and walking increases the pressure in the veins in your lower body. As you get older your veins can lose elasticity, causing them to stretch. The valves in your veins may become weak, allowing blood that should be moving toward your heart to flow backward. Blood pools in one spot, causing your veins to enlarge and become varicose.  

8. Saggy underarms

Saggy underarms can be one of the most difficult areas of the body to treat successfully. They are often the result of rapid weight loss and are also related to looser skin that develops as part of the aging process. Although it may seem daunting, there are some steps you can take to combat unsightly underarm sag. Wanna get more of our anti-aging solutions? Stay tuned on the next post!


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