13 Truths Why It’s Important to Maintain Your Beauty & Skin Health

We worship at the altar of youth, but people, even really good looking people, often don’t hit their prime until their 30s. In your fourth decade you’ve grown past the self-consciousness of youth, learned from the mistakes in your 20s and know and appreciate yourself more than ever. Yet harnessing the best of both beauty and brains, these starlets are true testimonials to the importance of maintaining your looks and skin health. Here are 13 truths you should know why it is important to do that.  

Fan Bing Bing (34) RAngelina-Jolie (38) RNicole Kidman (42) RMaggie Cheung (50) R

True Testimonials to maintaining beauty and skin health: Fan Bing Bing (34 years old); Angelina Jolie (38 years old); Nicole Kidman (42 years old); Courtney Cox (45 years old); and Maggie Cheung (50 years old)

  1. Your skin is an everlasting fashion.
  2. A BMW, without maintenance will breakdown prematurely; that goes without saying for your skin health.
  3. The great Chinese writer of the infamous “Lust. Caution”, Eileen Chang, once said, “A man chose a women, definitely not because of her inner beauty; but that her outer beauty can bring him a pleasant inner feeling”.
  4. If a lady can use all the money that she spends on food on her skin health, a guy will foot the bills for her food.
  5. A man is responsible for bringing home the bread; a women is responsible for maintaining her beauty.
  6. Career makes a man attractive; staying attractive is a woman’s career.
  7. Famous Shiseido’s makeup artiste and stylist, Li Dong Tian said, “Ladies, you should maintain your beauty like the way you maintain your marriage”.
  8. Beauty is the door to love, the lock to marriage and the stepping stone to your career.
  9. To retain a man’s heart, you first have to retain his sight on you.
  10.  Skin maintenance is a routine. But when you do not maintain your skin, growing old and wrinkled is your routine.
  11.  The level a man loves you, is the level you love yourself.
  12.  Some people says that it’s more important to have inner beauty. However, a    women without outward beauty don’t even have the chance to present her inner beauty.
  13.  Even Cinderella captured the heart of her price in a princess-like beauty.


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